TV Club: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 was all journey, no destination

The last truly great, five-star WWE match took place six years ago at this very pay-per-view. Money in the Bank 2011 was held at Chicago’s Allstate Arena, and it was the culmination of an revolutionary storyline that broke pro wrestling’s fourth wall. C.M. Punk infamous pipe bomb promo, in which he aired out some “very real” backstage grievances on live TV, had happened several weeks before. By the time they reached Chicago, everyone in that crowd wanted their hometown hero to beat the snot out of that punkass poser John Cena.

That match was an incredible back-and-forth classic, made more memorable for that finish—Punk hits the G.T.S. on Cena and gets the pin, Vince McMahon tries to get Alberto Del Rio to cash in his briefcase, and new champion Punk disappears into his adoring, screaming Chicago crowd as the show goes off the air …

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