TV Club: WWE Monday Night RAW: September 7, 2015

It’s Labor Day, let’s do this.

As the opening promo of this week’s RAW and the rest of the show reminds us, Seth Rollins’ new kick is being “the man” of WWE. He’s no longer the future but the present. Besides there being an overuse of “the man” in WWE conversations now—especially with no connection to Ric Flair—it’s actually an interesting concept. A wrestler can only be “the future” or “the next” so-and-so for so long before it’s time to put up or shut up. John Nitro/Morrison was the next Shawn Michaels for so, so long, only to end up being the Marty Jannetty, eventually living up to his potential in Lucha Underground as Johnny Mundo… just this past year. For someone who is considered the future to declare that the future is now and prove it regularly—as NXT does …

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