TV Club: WWE Monday Night Raw: “September 14, 2015”

Season premieres don’t mean a whole lot to a show that runs all year long, but that doesn’t stop WWE from hyping up tonight’s show as one of a kind. IT’S THE SEASON PREMIERE OF RAW we hear over and over again, whether in the opening promo from The Authority, out once again to deal with housekeeping matters like announcing matches, or throughout the night from the commentators. Having WWE continually harp on the idea of this being the season premiere, and therefore more meaningful than any other episode of Raw, is strangely appropriate though, but not in the way WWE intends. In fact, the running theme of the episode is boasts that in reality mean nothing. From “season premiere” to “history being made,” tonight’s Raw is filled with empty exaggerations.

Admittedly, that’s something that WWE does a lot, but tonight’s exaggerations are …

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