TV Club: WWE Monday Night RAW: May 25, 2015

As a company that prides itself in its dedication to the troops, WWE of course tries to make Memorial Day special, even if it’s not a highly-viewed episode or anything like that. There’s the video package at the beginning of the show—here, with Ronald Reagan’s words and WWE Superstars and Divas, including the Canadian Natalya—the 10-bell salute, and kind of a free pass for John Cena to be the Marine Who Runs the Terrain (which kind of rhymes), since he is the one who compromised Osama bin Laden to a permanent end, after all.

Sadly, even with all of that, “special” this year translates into Entourage movie pimping (and possibly WWE Diva pimping, to the stars of said movie), WWE misinterpreting women, WWE misinterpreting pretty much anything resembling logic, and stupidity. So much stupidity. This might be the most stupid episode of RAW so far …

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