TV Club: WWE Monday Night RAW: March 9, 2015

WWE wants audiences to be apathetic. Apathetic and numb so WWE can go on talking about potatoes, women being crazy, black people loving to have fun (and steal and rap), and absolutely nothing. All without judgment. Under the guise that it is entertainment. For three hours.

That’s the only thing that makes sense after (and really, during) this week’s RAW. WWE says they want to “entertain” the “WWE Universe,” and while the “Superstars” in the ring (no need for air quotes there, I suppose) do their best, it’s not like they have the support of competently written storylines or competently spoken commentary to work with. I didn’t go into this endeavor of reviewing RAW hoping to be negative, but with the “build-up” for Wrestlemania, it’s nearly impossible not to be. There’s no rhyme or reason for things, especially the downright offensive parts. Everyone is …

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