TV Club: WWE Monday Night RAW: March 23, 2015

Take a moment to acknowledge the fact that this episode of RAW is the go home show, the last episode of Monday Night RAW before WrestleMania. It’s the show that basically has to sell you, the audience, on watching the pay-per-view and, more importantly in WWE’s eyes, sell you on subscribing to the WWE Network “for just $9.99.” Sure, there’s SmackDown and Superstars (and Main Event, for some) to do that, but WWE makes it clear on a weekly basis that those supplemental shows don’t matter. This is the episode of television—of WWE’s patented brand of sports entertainment—that is supposed to be the audience’s final push in the direction of whether or not they’re excited for WrestleMania. Of whether or not they’re going to even watch it instead of just tune into the following RAW. Of whether or not …

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