TV Club: WWE Monday Night Raw: “July 27, 2015”

Just because you bill your episode of Monday Night Raw as a “night of firsts” doesn’t mean everything, from matches to backstage segments, is suddenly more meaningful and impactful. WWE didn’t get that memo though. Throughout tonight’s episode of Raw, we’re reminded that we’re seeing a lot of firsts. Typically that would mean a lot of fresh match ups and new angles, which is partly true tonight, but it doesn’t make much of a difference overall because the storytelling is largely the same. The show hits many of the same beats it always does. After all, when Triple H starts the show by saying, “for the first time ever on Monday Night Raw, the Big Show…” you know you’re not exactly in for anything new. Still, despite such a ridiculous storytelling angle, tonight’s Raw does pull out a lot of great wrestling …

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