TV Club: WWE Monday Night Raw: “August 31, 2015”

There are two versions of WWE on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw. There’s the WWE that seemingly doesn’t understand how to build to its next PPV, that doesn’t show any interest in telling a meaningful story. It’s the WWE that gives us Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev again, and repeats the same finish from just about every other match they’ve had, where Lana and Summer end up brawling for 20 seconds before everyone’s split up. That WWE is churning out SummerSlam: The Sequel, so much so that I can’t believe Sheamus and Randy Orton didn’t face off tonight. Then there’s the more promising version of WWE, where they commit to storytelling that’s rooted in history yet looks towards the future. It’s the WWE that gives Cesaro and Kevin Owens time to do their thing, understanding that they’re …

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