TV Club: WWE Monday Night Raw: August 3, 2015

For one reason or another, WWE Monday Night Raw has been on a hot streak lately. Maybe it’s because SummerSlam is only three weeks away. Maybe it’s because Brock Lesnar is semi-regularly appearing on the show, and that’s never a bad thing. Maybe it’s the fact that with the injection of new Divas talent, and injuries to guys like John Cena and a kayfabe one to Dolph Ziggler, WWE has had to think on the fly and it’s made for more exciting, unpredictable television. More than anything though, the recent string of solid episodes of Raw, and an overall engaging build to SummerSlam so far, is the product of solid booking. I don’t necessarily mean in terms of wins and losses, but in terms of how the whole three-hour show has been paced and put together.

Consider the way tonight’s Raw ebbs and …

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