TV Club: WWE Monday Night Raw: “August 24, 2015”

Less than 24 hours after a seriously disappointing and overlong SummerSlam, WWE manages to right the ship a bit with tonight’s Raw. That’s not exactly surprising in the age where, if you believe certain schools of thought, “PPVs don’t matter.” Such a statement is obviously an exaggeration, but there’s a kernel of truth in there. With the rise of the WWE Network, and streaming services in general, WWE doesn’t need to pull out all the stops at its PPVs. It used to be that you’d offer your viewers/customers the most bang for their buck. Pull them in with the free network television and then pay it all off with a massive $70 PPV. That model doesn’t really exist anymore and, more often than not, PPVs are where the feuds go to die rather than get paid off. That means that, more and …

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