TV Club: WWE Monday Night Raw: “August 17, 2015”

Welcome everyone to the SummerSlam preview show! After many weeks of good-to-great episodes of Monday Night Raw, WWE spends the entirety of its go-home show “setting the stage” for it’s second biggest PPV, which is a way of saying that it offers up a permutation of just about every match on Sunday’s card. Look, it’s understandable that WWE wants to market the hell out of SummerSlam. Along with Wrestlemania, it’s the PPV that WWE uses to cater to more casual fans. It’s less a WWE wrestling event than it is a total spectacle, a giant commercial for WWE with the hopes of garnering mainstream attention. That’s clearly working, as the Authority announces that ESPN will be broadcasting live from the Barclay’s Center on Sunday. It’s the kind of mainstream promotion that WWE loves to get, that legitimizes it as both a sport …

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