TV Club: WWE Monday Night RAW: April 20, 2015

The worst thing a wrestling show can do is force you to turn off your suspension of disbelief. Suspension of disbelief is the fabric with which professional wrestling hinges on. The moment a person starts questioning what they’re watching—or why they’re watching it—is the moment things begin to unravel. Getting out of that metaphor and into the literal, that is the problem with this edition of Monday Night RAW and a lot of WWE recently. What’s being displayed on live, national television just doesn’t add up, and the more it continues, the less it adds up. The only thing it can possibly translate to is not being very good.

A heavily-watched, nationally televised wrestling show with some of the best wrestlers in the entire world should not naturally translate to “not being very good.”

After a week of RAW where don’t matter because …

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