TV Club: Wrecked arrives looking more like The Walking Dead than Lost

I’m going to kick off my weekly TV Club coverage of Wrecked by admitting that I didn’t keep up with Lost. I can’t remember exactly when I bailed, but I know it was early on. I’m owning up to this now so that you’ll understand why some of the Lost-inspired jokes will be, well, lost on me.

So why exactly am I watching? Well, Rhys Darby’s worth the price of admission alone, but I also just enjoy watching shows about the breakdown of society. And vomit gags aside, that’s what the central premise of Wrecked looks like, one episode in. I’ve been reviewing Fear The Walking Dead, and the first few minutes of Wrecked are awfully reminiscent of FTWD’s companion webseries, Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462.

The opening dialogue in Wrecked is more funny than ominous—two girlfriends pair …

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