TV Club: Workaholics: “Wedding Thrashers”

While “Wedding Thrashers” looks like it was more fun to make than it is to watch, it’s still pretty fun to watch. Adam, Blake, and Ders (after some beery bar “backupuncture” with a dart goes wrong) get rescued and befriended by a pair of beautiful ladies led by Hillary Winthrop (Ashley Hinshaw from Chronicle), whose dad is the super-rich “King of Rancho,” and who inexplicably takes a shine to Adam. I say ”inexplicably” not out of any disrespect to Adam DeMamp (although his armpits do smell like vomit, apparently), but because Hillary is so obviously playing a game of some sort that the episode needs the maturity, wealth, and attractiveness gap between the two to be so large it immediately sets off sitcom trope bells. It’s just a matter of which bell is being rung—is Hillary just nuts? Doing a Dinner Game/Dinner For Schmucks number? Trying …

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