TV Club: Workaholics: “Trivia Pursuit”

Season five has seen the Workaholics actors writing themselves surprisingly emotional star vehicles. Anders Holm wrote “Speedo Racer,” which plumbed the depths of Ders’ self delusion about his past glories in the pool to moving (if gory) effect. And Blake Anderson’s “Menergy Crisis,” with its ridiculous (yet equally moving) solidarity anthem “Best Friends,” similarly found a theretofore unequaled balance of the heartfelt and the deeply, deeply silly. (It’s one of my favorite episode of Workaholics ever, honestly.) The show hasn’t abandoned its sloppy bro-comedy roots, but there have been flashes this season that the creators are looking to stretch themselves a bit. Tonight’s “Trivia Pursuit,” written by Holm, continues the trend—again, just a little—and Ders’ subplot and subsequent mini-breakdown finds another way into one of the guys’ heads, even as the episode speeds around in customary, yapping circles.

Never the most consistently crafted show …

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