TV Club: Workaholics: “The Slump”

With Workaholics‘ fifth season winding down (and no word yet about a sixth), there’s a sense that Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm are looking to put their respective characters to bed in the most satisfying ways possible. All season, we’ve seen the stars writing episodes for their characters which, while never abandoning Adam, Blake, and Ders’ essential juvenile nonsense, seek to give each of the guys a moment to be—for lack of a better term—loved. Tonight it’s Adam’s turn, as “The Slump” (written by DeVine) peers deep down into the gut of Workaholics‘ most manically (or is that maniacally) immature protagonist and reveals the vulnerable (if still necessarily obnoxious) little boy raging in there.

The guys’ relationship to their dead-end telemarketing jobs has always been a reliable source of comedy for Workaholics, their destructive rebellion against the most pointless of all office …

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