TV Club: Workaholics: “TAC In The Day”

As Workaholics wraps up its fifth (and possibly last) season, the show goes back to the beginning. Well, not to the actual beginning, when Adam, Blake, and Ders first met each other—they’ve done that one already—but back to the beginning of their time at TelAmeriCorp, the world’s worst telemarketing firm. And it’s a funny trip back to the heady days of 2008, allowing us a glimpse into the fashions, internet memes, and B-list rock stars with a penchant for oral sex of that magical time. That the episode doesn’t take much advantage of the gimmick to delve into the guys’ relationship (as have others in this impressive season) isn’t a surprise, or even a disappointment. Workaholics—should this indeed be the last episode ever—isn’t meant to have a drawn-out season (or series) finale. The small revelations and insights about Adam, Blake …

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