TV Club: Workaholics: “Speedo Racer”

“Speedo Racer” exemplifies a lot of what’s wrong with Workaholics while simultaneously being mostly delightful. Which is to say, it’s one of the best episodes of Workaholics I’ve ever seen and an illustration of why Workaholics is not a great TV show. I feel like I could type variations of this sentence for the rest of this review, so I’ll move on.

There’s no foundation to this show. It’s usually funny, sometimes forgettable—a slobby, loose hangout of a series where the three stars/protagonists count on their chemistry and affinity for juvenile “bro” humor to please their fan base. That’s hardly a criticism—there are plenty of sitcoms centered on male arrested development that are absolutely insufferable. (Including the late, unlamented starring vehicle for one of tonight’s guest stars.) Indeed, there are times when Workaholics makes the concept of a trio …

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