TV Club: Workaholics: “Front Yard Wrestling”

Now this is more like it. After a season premiere wallowing in indulgently unfunny isolated stories and a lack of comic focus, “Front Yard Wrestling” taps into some of the essential qualities that make for a solidly silly and enjoyable Workaholics.

For one, the guys are united against a common enemy. Additionally, that enemy is their landlord who, demanding the rent they owe, places himself firmly in the category of “grownup responsibilities” that is, or should be, the guys’ ultimate nemesis. And third, their plan to wipe said responsibility off the white board that is their concept of the future allows for Ders, Blake, and Adam to do some funny, goofy shit as a team. Too often last year, an episode’s conflict brought out the worst in the show and the characters, the guys’ fractious bickering diffusing the show’s comic power. (Also, someone usually got poop on them …

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