TV Club: Workaholics: “Blood Drive”

Workaholics dabbles in darkness, but it doesn’t live there. This season has seen the show delve deeper than ever before into the essential decency beneath the bluster and weed and juvenile bro vulgarity of its protagonists, to surprisingly successful effect. Without changing who Adam, Blake, and Ders are fundamentally (or at all, really), the show has allowed them opportunities to reveal their profound need for each other, and their fundamental lack of malice, regardless of the chaos their comic fecklessness brings about. Unlike the similarly destructive Gang at the heart of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Adam, Ders, and Blake aren’t bad people.

So, in “Blood Drive,” when the parallel schemes of the guys end in them graphically destroying the entire haul from the TelAmeriCorp blood drive, their irresponsibility in depriving sick people of desperately needed blood—and the show’s use of the final, literal bloodbath …

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