TV Club: Woo-oo! DuckTales is back, baby!

Disney spared no expense in bringing back DuckTales: a top-notch cast, a robust and thorough marketing campaign, even Time Square real estate. Why wouldn’t it? DuckTales Classic essentially put television animation on the map (The Adventures of Gummi Bears and The Wuzzles were the first, but DuckTales was arguably the most significant and most memorable.) To be clear, a reboot of DuckTales is indeed yet another “unnecessary” revival of a thing that questionably didn’t need to be revised in the first place. But this is where we are now; the question is no longer “why another reboot?” It’s “will this reboot be any good?” I’m happy to say: yes, yes it is.

What made the original DuckTales such a standout cartoon (beyond its catchy-as-hell theme song) was its status of being a well-animated show that fused comedy, drama, heart, and adventure – a kind of four quadrant …

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