TV Club: With its season three finale, iZombie bites off more brains than it can chew

The one thing you can’t say about season three of iZombie is that it lacks ambition. Tackling a world of secret zombies was plenty to fuel the drama for the show’s first two seasons, but in season three it blew past local and went global as the zombie population of Seattle worked to prepare for the inevitable day they were revealed. That’s a big story for a small show to tell in only 13 episodes, and the season three finale reflects a lot of that strain.

The most obvious place where season three’s overall arc fell down was in the plotting and pacing of the finale’s big villain reveal. All throughout the season, Fillmore Graves existed in an interesting place as both an ally to the cause and a potential antagonist to Liv and the gang. The idea of an ally you can’t quite …

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