TV Club: With Horace and Pete, Louis C.K. explores divisions, illusions, and traditions

Louis C.K. is in this rare place culturally where he has enough clout and money to fulfill any and all of his artistic desires. There’s no longer any timetable or sense of urgency for his projects. He can release another stand-up special or film another season of Louie whenever he pleases, or he can just act in other people’s movies and produce shows like Baskets from now until forever. But as anyone who has followed his career already knows, Louis always keeps busy by throwing himself into whatever creative project tickles his fancy and often does so secretly. Case in point: Last Saturday, he dropped the first episode of a web series called Horace and Pete on his website for $5. There was no announcement or previous mention, just an email notice to subscribers of his mailing list on the day of the release. Before yesterday, we …

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