TV Club: Winning is messy on the F Is For Family finale

Sometimes a hijacking, a gunshot arm, and a bloody dismembered corpse is all it takes. That’s how season two of F Is For Family pays off Frank and Sue Murphy’s seemingly intractable marital woes at least. Is that a complaint? I suppose so. But the series has never settled its comic tone completely, with the thoughtful, painful (and, sure, very, very loud) character comedy jarring at times with the show’s gross-out physical gags and would-be shocking comic asides. When Frank and his Mohican buddies cooked up their plan to drug the genuinely insane and dangerous Scoop and just chuck him on an airplane to Duluth, it was about as well-reasoned as the Wile E. Coyote drawings Bill and Phillip used to visualize their revenge against the also-psychotic Jimmy. Jimmy wound up with a broken leg, while Scoop ended his life in pieces on the tarmac, but that …

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