TV Club: Wilkin’s allegiances are tested on the latest The Bastard Executioner

Near the end of my review of the two-part premiere of The Bastard Executioner, I noted that I was cautiously optimistic that the show, despite getting off to a sluggish start, had the potential to grow in the next episode. The premiere spent a lot of time setting the table for Wilkin and his band of rebels, not really arriving at any sort of narrative hook until the very end of the episode, when Wilkin takes his place among the English as their executioner. There’s intriguing tension built into that hook, where former English supporter/warrior and current rebel Wilkin works within the castle while balancing two identities and allegiances. Unfortunately, “Effigy/Delw” wastes the slight momentum built by the end of the pilot.

Through three episodes, the biggest problem with The Bastard Executioner­–and it’s hard to choose just one­–is the pacing. Both the pilot and …

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