TV Club: When the Maniax hit the GCPD, Gotham hits its stride

Gotham is only two episodes into its second season, but it’s interesting to note that there’s already a parallel being set up between the show’s storylines and the status of the show itself. In so many ways Gotham the fictional city is mirroring Gotham the TV show, going through changes and growing pains while trying to find some sort of consistency, something good to latch on to. “Knock, Knock” sees this season’s ominous villain and all around rich dude Theo Galavan begin to put his plan in to place. That plan involves unleashing psychopaths on Gotham and creating chaos, driving the citizens to seek comfort and solace in the protection and security that Galavan and his psychopaths will then offer. “A cleansing,” he calls it, and it’s an appropriate term for what the show itself is currently undergoing. For the second straight week Gotham shows …

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