TV Club: When the cossacks come, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will survive

It’s important to be objective. It’s important to realize that even the things one loves aren’t without flaws. That is, in fact, part of what makes watching television (or engaging with art in general) so satisfying—the chance to think about how things work, and what they mean, and discuss those thoughts with others.

Was this the best episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to date? No. Was it as thoughtful, surprising, and funny as some of the previous outings? No. Was it still wonderful? Yes. Is it increasingly difficult to be objective about a show that, week to week offers such delight, so many earnest laughs, and so much audacious theatricality? Yes, emphatically yes. At a certain point it becomes easier to just admit that you’re ready to buy the t-shirt.

It helps when, week after week, stuff like this happens.

Obviously this isn’t the first …

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