TV Club: When Nate returns, so does the old Kingdom

Despite its title, the episode “All Talk” is much more dynamic than most of the Kingdom episodes that preceded it this season. Directed by Adam Davidson (who helmed the series premiere), it has all the elements of the strongest installments of the series, combining humor and a lively fight with Jay’s anguish, Alvey’s tunnel vision, and Nate’s recalcitrance. Though, to be fair, the youngest Kulina (and his portrayer, Nick Jonas) has emerged from his shell this season. Who knew Nick Jonas could be so soulful? No offense, it’s just that I’m too old to have been a Jonas Brothers fan, though I am aware of the phenomenon.

Point is, I have no frame of reference here (sorry, didn’t watch Scream Queens either). Still, I would give Jonas the “most improved award” for bringing such emotional depth to a character who isn’t anywhere near …

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