TV Club: When Krysten Ritter shows up, it’s partay time on Comedy Bang! Bang!

Are you a Scott or a “Weird Al”? Yeah, this wasn’t a dichotomy in the Comedy Bang! Bang! universe until “Krysten Ritter Wears A Turtleneck And Black Boots” spelled it out. But tonight, Comedy Bang! Bang! asks: Who are you? Are you a rule-following dork, or a rule-flouting scamp? Are you the fearless fun-lover who texts a thousand close friends to come partay and worries about permission later? Or the nervous nelly who tries to soldier on with your talk show during a rager?

(Scott Aukerman) (Screenshot: IFC)

So, are you the reveller who loves to partay or the straitlaced scaredy-cat who thinks every big bash will end with a clutter of Solo cups, barf everywhere, and a dog chowing down on a perfectly good baboon heart?

Do I even have to tell you which I am? I described this episode’s contrast between characters as “a …

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