TV Club: What’s so funny about Togetherness?

I started reading “Dear Abby” as a kid, back with the original Dear Abby, and I’m pretty sure that one of her credos was this: If you have a stupid, momentary marital indiscretion, keep it to yourself. The guilt may be tearing you up inside, but that’s your punishment. Telling your spouse is only going to make you feel better and will likely tear their world apart—for no reason. So I was totally on Tina’s side last week with Michelle never telling Brett about David. But Brett and Michelle being the touchy-feely people that they are, we could have predicted that Michelle would have to blurt it all out. Surprised it happened so soon, though.

The family scene at the “Welcome Home” banner was so sweet, I’m infuriated at Michelle for blowing it all for a moment of honesty. Especially when we compare the hawt …

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