TV Club: What happens when Masters Of Sex’s Bill and Virginia stop fighting?

These last two episodes of season three may not qualify as a resurgence, but at least Masters Of Sex reacquired a sense of purpose in the closing weeks of an inconsistent stretch. Bill’s reckless quest for control of his personal life and Virginia’s miserable descent into a self-inflicted purgatory finally come to a head in “Full Ten Count,” as the series’ two leads each end their years-long battles to preserve everything they thought mattered to them. Bill and Virginia have been fighting for so long—with each other, with their families, with the world—that the lingering question of the series finale is a tantalizing one: What happens when they stop fighting?

Virginia gives up her fight, and Libby hers, after both of them realize just how toxic Bill’s influence has been on both of them. He has essentially had both of them ensnared. Virginia was tied …

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