TV Club: What Grandfathered lacks in originality, it makes up for in loads of charm

About halfway through the pilot episode of Grandfathered, the first half of FOX’s Handsome Guy Family Hour, I thought to myself, “Man, whoever thought to pair John Stamos with a cute baby is a genius.”

It took me until the next commercial break to remember that the reason most people know John Stamos to begin with is because some genius thought to pair him with a cute baby. While Jimmy Martino and Jesse Katsopolis aren’t the same person, it’s difficult to watch Grandfathered and not expect Stamos to humbly ask for mercy. And let’s be clear: that is, by no means, a bad thing.

Full House looms large throughout this episode, and it’s clearly intentional, from the Bob Saget cameo to the photos of a younger Stamos sporting the Uncle Jesse coiffure. The years have sprinkled the Tanner residence with a fair amount of nostalgia …

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