TV Club: What Friends From College pre-supposes is: What if they aren’t friends at all?

Here’s where it crosses the line from a little too much to way too much.

There’s a lot that’s “too much” about Friends From College. Too much time and attention given over to the Ethan/Sam affair. Too much comic mania in Keegan-Michael Key’s performance as Ethan. Too much terrible and often irrational behavior to write off as merely unlikable or unflinching.

Here’s what I find “way too much” about Friends From College: The point in “Grand Cayman” where the show decides that actually, pretty much everyone in this six-person friend group is in love or lust with at least one other person in that friend group, if not more (except Marianne, a character who might be genuinely interesting or funny with a crush, or as a crush object).

I mean, on paper it makes sense. What are tight-knit, too-close-for-their-own-good friend groups if not expressions …

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