TV Club: Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp: “Staff Party”

The humor in the Wet Hot American Summer universe can be hard to pin down. Most of the jokes don’t follow comedy logic, and they rely heavy on how they’re performed. Whether a joke in First Day Of Camp succeeds or fails, it’s nearly impossible to figure out why it did so. In “Campers Arrive,” when Coop chides Drew for antagonizing Kevin, Drew’s maniacally loud response (“What?! I like doing stuff like that!”) cracks me up for reasons I’m unable to fully explain. It’s just funny.

I’m no more able to explain why some bits don’t work for me at all, like the Victor and Neil scene near the beginning of “Staff Party.” Neil is preparing to lose his virginity to his high school girlfriend Sherri, and who better to advise him on what to expect when you’re expecting camp nookie …

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