TV Club: Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp: “Dinner”

Scatological humor is a huge, steaming chunk of the Wain-Showalter comedic sensibility, so much so that the Wet Hot American Summer DVD came with a commentary track consisting solely of farting sounds to make flatulence a larger, smellier element of the film. Camp Firewood is at the eye of a fartnado, and that’s only accounting for the farts we can hear. It stands to reason that in a camp plagued by gas, there are many silent-but-deadly farts that go unheard but are still acutely smelt, often by the very people who dealt them. First Day Of Camp establishes that, in this world, farts aren’t just funny, they are revered. Andy breaks one off in the mess hall and wafts it over to Katie’s table, and she can’t help but crack a smile. “I’m gonna fart my way into that snatch,” says Andy, a strategy that …

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