TV Club: Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp: “Day Is Done”

It seems redundant to detail the events of “Day Is Done” considering Gerald “Coop” Cooperberg does such a fine, succinct job of summarizing the episode, and most of the season, in a heart-to-heart talk with Kevin:

I had to break up with Donna after Yaron tried to make us have a threesome. And then Tigerclaw showed up because Andy stole Katie away from Blake and they tried to destroy the camp. And then, well right after that, President Reagan and the U.S. military also tried to destroy the camp, but that was after they also shot Eric, the hermit who lived at camp and turned out to be a musical legend. And then that new counselor Lindsay? Well she saved us all because she was secretly a rock magazine journalist. And then Gail blew off Jonas at their wedding, and his name is actually Gene and he fought in …

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