TV Club: Westworld hunts down “The Stray” and builds some backstory

Westworld seems to be falling into one of my least favorite forms of modern television: the “let’s have a bunch of storylines we follow each week that don’t precisely connect or tell a closed narrative, but do presumably set up information which, I guess, will eventually be relevant.” The Binge Model in other words, or Lo, What Serialization Has Brought Down Upon Us All. Fortunately “The Stray” is nowhere near as splintered as, say, Game Of Thrones at its most chaotic. Dolores gets a decent arc, we learn some important backstory about the park, and we get a better understanding of Robert Ford in a way I wasn’t expecting. Oh, and Teddy gets to do more than look handsome and die tragically, although he does do both those things.

So this is far from a bad episode, and I found myself engaged while watching it. It’s …

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