TV Club: Westworld doubles down on the mystery, for better and worse

Confession: when I watched the first three episodes of Westworld, I did not think of it as a “mystery box” show. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, a mystery box show is one that teases viewers along with hints and, yes, mysteries, solving smaller crises even while suggesting bigger ones just around the corner. It’s the sort of story that uses mythology as a plot hook, and not just as a structure to build current events on. That approach can work, but it can also backfire spectacularly; ask anyone about the finales of Lost or Battlestar Galactica, and odds are, you just started a very angry conversation you have little to no interest in finishing. (For the record, while I recognize their problems, I dearly love both shows and their finales.)

But like I said, I didn’t put Westworld in that category at first because everything …

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