TV Club: Welcome To Sweden: “Scrapbook/Skidresa”

“Scrapbook/Skidresa” spends some needed time with Bruce and Emma, together…well, until Emma takes off on her own little mission to catch guest star Anja Pärson, the alpine skiing Olympic gold medalist. In fact, even though “Scrapbook/Skidresa” initially promises a ski weekend with Bruce and Emma that could potentially allow the show to delve back into the relationship dynamics that make it so authentic and engaging, the story ends up getting tied down with Bruce at his worst.

Slightly ignorant, out-of-his-league Bruce can be fun, but I’ll take the Bruce who can’t quite master Swedish sounds or the Bruce who doesn’t understand a Swedish joke over the Bruce who comes to this ski trip any day. Here, Bruce is gratingly arrogant and even just straight-up dumb. I do believe he would have a superiority complex when it comes to skiing, given his athletic past and …

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