TV Club: We bid goodbye to New Caprica and Battlestar Galactica

“Exodus, Parts One and Two” (season 3, episodes 3 & 4; aired 10/13/2006 and 10/20/2006)

Farewell, New Caprica; we hardly knew ye. The two part “Exodus” bids farewell to a setting rife with dramatic possibilities (gods, even just having some people up in Galactica and Pegasus with the others down on the planet could’ve been fascinating), and while it’s safe to say we’ll be feeling the effects of New Caprica for many episodes to come, there’s still something abrupt in saying goodbye so quickly. It’s almost too quick, really. Had the occupation been painted less vividly, had the performances been just a little less lived in, this could’ve all been too fast, burning narrative for the sake of tension and not much else.

Thankfully, New Caprica was so well-drawn, and the cast so good at settling into slightly different versions …

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