TV Club: We Bare Bears: “Everyday Bears”

Cartoon Network primarily is working two angles when it comes to its original programming–wacky, absurdist shows bordering on nonsensical (Uncle Grandpa, Teen Titans Go!) and weird-but-deeply-impactful shows (Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe). Clarence, The Amazing World of Gumball, and CN’s newest show, We Bare Bears, bridge the gap between those two extremes, bouncing between the extraordinary and the endearing, with Daniel Chong’s show fitting right into this template. It’s the story of three bear siblings living together in a cave while they attempt to do human things, and that’s really it.

If that premise sounds kind of “internet-y,” then you’d be correct, since it was based on Chong’s webcomic. The web sometimes feels like it was built on the idea of “cute, chibi-designed creatures trying to do stuff,” which doesn’t exactly translate to an ongoing show. But Chong and his staff …

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