TV Club: Wayward Pines travels outside the walls

If there’s an idea that everyone in Wayward Pines thinks of differently, it’s hope. Group A collapsed under the weight of their inability to psychologically deal with the world in which those people awoke (or at least that’s what Pilcher said, and we don’t have any evidence to the contrary). Group B was kept ignorant, its members suspecting they were part of some nefarious experiment or prison in the 21st century. They hoped to escape, to break free of the rigid rules of the town. But once that illusion was shattered, and the reality of their circumstances made plain, it wasn’t long before the First Generation made their move, and Jason consolidated power.

Now, as CJ explains to Theo, the town isn’t just in dire need of more food if it’s going to grow and expand. By going outside the walls, CJ and …

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