TV Club: Wander Over Yonder: “The Loose Screw/The It”

“The Loose Screw” and “The It” are slightly stranger episodes of Wander Over Yonder. And that’s fine–Wander Over Yonder does this every once in a while (see “The Funk,” which ends with an insane, trippy, drugged-out montage). Personally, I’m not a huge fan of “strange for strange sake,” but it can be done well, if there’s an underlying layer of comic irony or subversion to it. And I think that’s why I felt “The It” worked slightly better than “The Loose Screw.” Again, both episodes are fun, enjoyable romps. “The It” feels like is has a bit more to its weird turn of events than “The Loose Screw,” though, and it‘s a bit tricky to describe exactly why.

Part of me wants to claim that Hater-focused episodes tend to work better than Wander-focused one, primarily because there’s more comic material to mine with …

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