TV Club: Wander Over Yonder: “The Big Day/The Breakfast”

I wouldn’t necessarily call “The Greater Hater” epic, but it had a grand scope and a clear purpose–namely, to re-introduce the main characters and their central personalities/traits, while setting up the big bad of the season. Our expectations of television have trained us so that, after premiere episodes like that one, we’d usually be in for a lot of table-setting, world-building, plot development, and so on. Cartoons are completely different. They’re not beholden to those kinds of expectations (it took a very long time for Adventure Time fans to realize this). Animated shows are prone to do whatever they want, and Wander is no exception. After the sheer scale of “The Greater Hater,” Wander doesn’t slow itself down so much as it shift gears to do its own thing.

“The Big Day” follows the events of “The Greater Hater,” but only in vague terms …

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