TV Club: Wander Over Yonder steals Andy Daly, makes animated episode of Review, is excellent

At some point during “The Eye on the Skullship,” I screamed out, “Holy moly, is that Andy Daly!?” Well, I used a few more expletives, but you get the point. The thing that made me squeal in delight was not only realizing that was Andy Daly voicing Andy the Watchdog, but it was Andy Daly doing Forrest MacNeil voicing Andy the Watchdog. There are specifics in the dialogue that were quintessential MacNeil; close your eyes when Andy says “Today… is going to be… different,” and tell me you can’t see MacNeil saying the exact same thing. Yes, I am super-biased. Yes, very few kids will even be aware of the reference. But Wander Over Yonder’s second “wave” seems to be all about grand jokes, entire episodes where the writers/animators are doing their own thing because they can, while also telling really fun, hilarious stories. It works at …

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