TV Club: Wander Over Yonder presents Hater at his most over-the-top, to mixed results

Hater is the show’s strongest character. Wander, Sylvia, and Peepers are awesome in their own right, but Hater is a tiny step above them, if only because of his goofy dichotomy between being viciously evil and being a childish, insecure moron. It allows for a host of interpretations and storylines where those two sides of him butt up against each other, maximizing the comedic and dramatic potential of the character. Hater is evil, both in the villainous, intergalatic-takeover way, and in the bullying jerk kind of way. It’s funniest when the stakes are low, recoginzable, and personable, like in “The Hole… Lotta Nuthin’,” but when it’s placed against a more demanding, higher stake plot (particularly a plot that the show doesn’t really seem to care about), it falls flat. “The Show Stopper” is the first truly disappointing episode of the show so far.

Which is impressive …

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