TV Club: Wander Over Yonder and Jon Hamm show that limited animation can be sublime

Wander Over Yonder is many things, but its animation has always been its primary selling point. It knows full well the scope and depth of its visual acumen, and will push it in different, unique, marvelous ways. Its secret, though, has been to tweak and tailor small changes to emphasize a particular style, reference, or idea: like “The Gift 2: The Giftening” throwing back to Tex Avery-levels of insanity, or “The New Toy” mimicking the modern take on the “two-and-a-half-D” toy commercial. When it needs to, the animation will step up to the plate, but it also knows when to step back, letting another aspect of the story stand out, and last night they did just that. Twice.

“Step back” might be the wrong phrase for “The Cartoon,” as the episode specifically cops the style and look of the infamous Filmation era of cartoons. (I mean, compare the above logo …

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