TV Club: Wander learns the extent of his altruism in two solid Wander Over Yonder episodes

I enjoy the episodes that bring a little more situational context to Wander’s passion for helping people. It’s easy and pat to create a happy-go-lucky character who just helps random people–basically, a mascot that exists to teach kids various lessons. Helping others, or generally being nice to people, is definitely how you should be, but Wander Over Yonder often showcases how a purely positive attitude in every situation towards every single person is most assuredly not a good thing. This has hampered Wander Over Yonder at times (see the very tedious, go-nowhere attempt to force Hater and Dominator to fall in love), but it also makes it a point to show that in certain contexts, that being overbearingly supportive can be costly and/or detrimental. I’ve spoken about “The Void’s” problems before, but it did make it very clear that Wander’s behavior was out …

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