TV Club: Violence erupts on American Crime

Maybe it’s my general cynical nature, but the one thing I’ve been expecting—and partly dreading—since the first episode of this season is the seemingly-inevitable school shooting episode. That’s the endgame in “Season Two: Episode Seven.” The reason I say “dreading” is because I worried it would be something on a bigger scale, a Very Special Episode event, or a mass shooting featuring students screaming in classrooms or a final showdown in the hall. Instead, it was quieter—a staple of this season—which perhaps made it even more effective and heartbreaking, and included a victim that you didn’t exactly expect. But, how did we get there?

Let’s start at the beginning of the hour: Headmaster Leslie continues to attempt to spin things in her direction, first by offering Evy’s father a large sum of money for educational fees (like tuition) in exchange …

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