TV Club: Vikings: “The Usurper”

Ragnar has vision, but that means trouble from those who don’t share it. For a man like Ragnar Lothbrok, his plans for the Norsemen might be ahead of their time, but that only means everyone will be angry, confused, and suspicious, especially since Ragnar is not prone to share his ideas with his countrymen, or even his friends or family. Nothing more clearly illustrates the unrest Ragnar’s rule has caused than the Vikings’ return to Kattegat which opens “The Usurper.”

We’ve seen the traditional Viking homecoming in the past—ships laden with treasure, joyous reunions, and, even to those on shore whose men have been lost, a sense of triumph. Before Ragnar’s rule, returning ships were greeted as conquerors, as heroes—death a means to life, and a glorious afterlife with the gods. Tonight, Vikings deliberately frames the Norsemen’s return from Wessex in more somber …

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